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The Ultimate Lifestyle

Tens of millions of Americans maintain their health through cycling—a low impact, non-weightbearing and fun aerobic sport. Because cycling never becomes boring or repetitive, many do it for life. As a fitness activity, cycling’s only downside is that one must either ride alone or find someone of similar ability. Imagine how much more fulfilling cycling would be if we could share a workout with faster or slower partners—it might become the best fitness activity ever.

And for families, the choice is even tougher. Do you spend your time working out or do you spend time with loved ones? Using only single bikes, it’s frustrating (if not impossible) to ride with kids and spouses. Tandems, however, combine the efforts of any two people—allowing either person to pedal with as much or little force as they desire—and blend them into a seamless performance. By transcending few skill, experience and ability, tandems are the ultimate family