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Airline SafeCase

The ultimate answer for frequent flyers is a coupled tandem stowed within a normal looking suitcase. Designed and built exclusively for Santana, our Airliner SafeCase is a tough vault-like case with a protective inner lining, interlocking edges, full-length hinge, locking hasps, telescoping handle and easy glide wheels. Each individual exterior dimension (27″ x 33″ x 14″) falls within universal airline standards, which allows the suitcase-shaped SafeCase to proceed through airport luggage systems without a fuss. This is why owners of this case slip through airports without incurring an extra case charge or the dreaded bicycle transport fee. The SafeCase is not only better for airline travel, it also allows UPS shipment.

An integral feature of Santana’s SafeCase is its multiple die-cut layers of high-density foam. Since our system does away with tedious wrapping and unwrapping of each frametube and component, the time required to pack or unpack your tandem is cut in half. You don’t even have to remove the pedals from the cranks. The numbered layers and item specific slots remove guesswork to allow easy and secure packing even when your travel schedule leaves you rushed or tired. It’s simple enough for a child to understand how each piece of the bike fits within a matching recess. Because the foam is compressed as the case is closed, the tandem pieces trapped in the compressed foam can’t shift or bump.

For those interested in the details, the instructions for assembly and disassembly from the Safecase can be accessed here, or click on the YouTube videos below.

Bottom Bracket Spacers

The only significant difference between the old bike in the videos and the new bikes is they now have spacers on the bottom bracket axles. If you swap immediately between the crank arms and the plastic axle caps you can keep the spacers from falling off and losing track of what went where. The following instructions are for redoing the spacers or checking crank bearing preload.

After fully tightening stoker crankset, spin crank. If BB bearings are dragging excessively replace left side 1mm with .5mm. If BB spins very freely and you  hear a creak under power add a .5mm spacer on the left.
On captain’s crank back off preload collar before changing spacers or adjusting preload. After tightening cranks, turn preload collar against spacers hand tight and lightly tighten pinchbolt. Bearings should have some drag (seals and grease) but not excessive.
Spacer order is starting from the bearing cap and going outboard.
Rear right: 1mm plastic (clear, thicker), 6.5mm alloy (black, scalloped)
Rear left: 1mm plastic, 5mm alloy (black, flat), wave spring
Front right: 5mm alloy (can add .5 or 1mm plastic spacer to reduce how much the preload collar is turned out).
Front left: 6.5mm alloy