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Your Tandem Can Fly

Our customers often tell us their best vacations are spent on their tandem. Why? They’re in the fresh air, they see more, and as the miles sail by they share in the adventure and satisfaction of traveling under their own power. Many tandem riders fly to exotic destina-tions and ride from inn to inn. Because most couples cycle thirty to fifty miles a day (two to four hours of casual riding), they have plenty of time to visit points of interest, observe local color and make new friends.

Traveling with a tandem is easy. When you need to transport your Santana to a remote ride start, simply remove the quick-release wheels to carry it within hatchbacks, wagons, minivans and SUVs, or, on a bicycle rack that mounts to a bumper, hatchback, trunk or trailer hitch. Frequent travelers appreciate the extra convenience and security of a car-top tandem carrier.

Popular tandem adventures include Vermont, Hawaii and the Pacific Coast. Or, since you only live once, try a tour in Europe. Adventuresome couples might enjoy an extended tour in New Zealand. Quite a few of our customers have even used their tandems to circle the globe. Whatever your dream, your Santana is ready, willing and able.

If your vacation involves airline tickets, you have the option of taking your tandem on the plane or shipping it ahead by truck. When you want to subject your tandem to the rigors of shipping, the column at left shows three tried and true solutions.

Prior to the utilization of couplers, high performance tandems wouldn’t fit inside a small car or private plane. Today, however, high-tech frame couplers allow a full-sized, full-performance tandem to be stowed within a suitcase-sized package. Frequent flyers will appreciate how a packed Santana Stowaway lives up to its name by traveling through airports unnoticed—establishing a decade long history of free flights for tandems. On the way to and from airports our optional Airliner SafeCase™ (opposite page) slides into taxis, shuttle-vans and tiny rental cars—all without fuss or question.

Each year Santana receives dozens of phone calls from worried tandem enthusiasts who have heard an often repeated airport horror story. In the 30 years we’ve been following this issue, less than one dozen couples have missed their planned flight. Tens of thousands of tandem owners, however, have made it through without fuss. To conquer your fears, read about Bill’s travel tips.