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Three Decades of Santana Innovation

Starting from scratch in the mid–’70s, Santana quickly became the #1 builder of quality tandems. While growing tandem popularity has drawn others into the market, Santana retains its position of leadership through constant improvement and innovation. Shown here with the three closest followers, Santana is the only one whose sole focus is tandems.

Built first tandem in 1976 1987 1986 Experience counts
Completely butted tubesets 1976 1999 Basic frame efficiency
Dishless Wheels 1976 Equalized spoke tension
Widely spaced rear hub flanges 1967 Greater wheel strength
140mm rear wheel spacing 1976 1989* 1986* The first tandem standard
Wheel performance guarantee 1976 2 years of extra protection
Forks w/ tandem-specific blades 1976* Stronger than ATB steerers
Forks w/ tandem-specific steerers 1976 Safer than ATB steerers
Tandem-specific fork rake 1976 1987 1996 Increased Stability
Oval bottom tubes 1976 1996 Less driveline flex
Magnum-sized chainstays 1997 Less driveline flex
Built first triplet 1979 Testing the envelope
Lower bottom brackets 1982 Increased stability
Direct Lateral frame design 1983 1987 1986 Highest stiffness-to-weight
Mountain Tandems 1984 1989 1994 Opening new horizons
Extended headtubes 1985 1999 Improved ergonomics
Aluminum Tandems 1993 2002 1986 Rustproof and often lighter
Built first quint 1987 Pushing the envelope
Forks with 11/4″ steerers 1988 1996* Improved strength & safety
Conically-tapered downtubes 1991 1996 Faster sprinting & climbing
Tandem with Softride beam 1991 1993* Original stoker suspension
160mm rear wheel spacing 1992 The future tandem standard
AHead threadless headsets 1993 1997 1996 Easier to adjust & maintain
Butted aluminum tandems 1993 20% lighter than CroMoly
Titanium Tandems 1993 Lighter & more comfortable
Std. Suspension stoker seatpost 1994 1995 Optimized stoker suspension
Std. Adjustable stoker stem 1994 1999 1998 One size never fits all
Tandem w/ S&S Couplers 1995 1998* High performance portability
V-top frame for shorter captains 1996 1999 2.5 inches more clearance
Titanium S&S Couplers 1996 Tandems for the jet set
Aluminum softride tandems 1996 Pushing the envelope
Disc brake fittings made standard 1997 Upgrade ready
Hydraulic disc brakes 1997 An obvious improvement
Wet-on-wet paint application 1998 Doubled scratch resistance
On-time custom frame guarantee 1998 On time or money back
Prizm finish for AL frames 1999 Inner beauty revealed
Carbon fiber tandem forks 1999 2004 Saves 1.5 pounds
Aluminum S&S tandems 2000 An S&S that’s 4 pounds less
16-spoke tandem wheels 2001 Totally aero—cuts 2 pounds
Oval frame couplers 2002 Efficiency perfected
Splined cranks on all models 2002 2005 Lighter, stiffer, faster
Isogrid welded carbon tandems 2003 Technology breakthrough
Tandem-sized discs w/ 10″ rotors 2004 Greater power, less fade
Scandium alloy tandems 2005 Lighter, stiffer, stronger
Niobium alloy tandems 2005 Steel’s ride, AL’s weight
Perfect-10 shifting 2005 Wide range w/ tight ratios
Dual-action mechanical discs 2006 Tandem power; no mess