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Santana was the first builder worldwide to make long top tubes standard, way back in 1976. Today’s top tubes, at 28 inches, are among the longest you’ll find. Further, those who will use a shock absorbing stoker seatpost should be aware that most of these seatposts (including the ones supplied by other tandem builders) fight flex and “lockout” by removing the seatpost’s traditional inch of rearward offset—which diminishes the effective rear top tube length by that same inch.

To provide efficient rider position and more room for the stoker, Santana worked with the world’s leading manufacturer of shock absorbing seatposts to design a shim-free post that, thanks to its exclusive 29.8mm diameter, banishes flex to allow an un-cramped rider position and stiction-free bump absorption. Next, Santana worked with Modolo of Italy to create a wider forward-swept stoker’s handlebar that repositions the hands an inch farther forward.

By combining these exclusive elements with an already long stoker compartment, Santana’s comparative top tube length becomes 30″—the longest in the industry. And if your team’s stoker has exceptionally long femurs (typical for women over 5’11” and men over 6’2″) a custom frame with a longer top tube is a reasonably priced option.