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Your First Ride

Is a test ride necessary? Although we think it makes perfect sense to buy a Santana sight-unseen (based on your dealer’s reputation and our undisputed leadership), we realize many couples will want to try before they buy.

Because we want your first tandem ride to be safe, instructive and enjoyable, please don’t rent, borrow from a friend or settle for an around-the-block “spin” from an untrained dealer. Instead, we’ve worked hard with a few dedicated dealers to establish Santana Test Ride Centers. Besides a fleet of at least five tandems, these dealers have received comprehensive training including our First-Ride™ program, which teaches them how to address the special needs and concerns of tandem shoppers. Dealers who use our First-Ride™ program will start by allowing both of you to “learn the ropes” by riding on the back of a tandem captained by an expert. Following this pair of instructive rides, the two of you will be prepared for your first ride together. A Test Ride Center will then provide you with a Santana that fits so you can spend an hour getting to know tandeming.

How do you find a Test Ride Center? Phone Santana at (800) 334-6136 x.5 and ask for a referral. This way you’ll know the location, phone number, and the name of the shop’s tandem expert. Best of all, callling Santana first ensures that your Test Ride will be free!