Spinergy PBO Wheels


Picture Spinergy wheelset

The Spinergy PBO Tandem wheelset combines all the best attributes to create the perfect wheels for a fast, comfortable ride. They start with a solid foundation using the Hadley Racing hubset with extra strong axles and freewheel mechanism that is easy to clean and lube. An alloy rim that's engineered to be strong enough for tandem use is still surprisingly light, allowing for a wheel that spins up quickly. It's the connection between hub and rim where Spinergy really breaks new ground and sets this wheelset apart. Using ultra-light filament spokes covered in a protective polymer sheath that are tensioned like normal steel spokes, this wheel absorbs bumps like nothing you've ever felt. Don't let the low spoke count and amazing light weight fool you (only 1700g!), these wheels are durable enough for years of everyday riding due to the increased capacity of each spoke and Santana's dishless design. Available with round or aero shaped spokes in your choice of black or white these wheels are included in the Pro Build Kit or available seperately. Other spoke colors are an optional upcharge.

This wheelset is included with our Pro Build Kit or available aftermarket for $1,299.


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