Hadley/Velocity Wheels


The workhorse wheelset in the Santana lineup, the Hadley/Velocity is actually a high-end handbuilt wheel composed of carefully selected components. Starting with dependable, lightweight, and beautiful Hadley Racing hubs produced nearby our own factory we hand-lace them using 32 quad butted spokes (2.3/2.0/1.8/2.0). Our experience tells us that using 2.3 guage prevents snapping at the J-bend but that's a heavy spoke so these quickly taper down to 2.0, then 1.8 in the middle. At the nipple end they taper back up to 2.0 for a strong thread engagement and compatibility with standard nipples. We've selected the Velocity Fusion rim for its lightweight, rigidity, and machined sidewall. Weighing in at only 1920g they qualify as a lightweight and would be the premier option in most line-ups.

This wheelset is included with our Standard Build Kit or available aftermarket for $599. Also available with 48 spokes for a $50 upcharge.


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