Emergency Rim Included


Each year dozens of tours and vacations are cut short because of the tandem’s number one reliability issue—rear wheel failure. While not an everyday occurrence, if you wish to tour or travel to distant races, a busted rear rim is catastrophic enough to warrant consideration. With a single bike it’s relatively simple to reach the nearest bike shop, whip out your credit card, and buy a new rim. Even if they don’t have a suitable rim, they’ll be happy to sell you a pre-built rear wheel. Rims suitable for tandems are stocked by fewer than 5% of all bike shops. Pre-built wheels with a tandem’s 145mm or 160mm spacing are nearly impossible to find, even in a large city. Unless your tandem is equipped with an emergency rescue rim, you can cool your heels for three to four business days while waiting for FedEx to deliver a tandem’s rear rim.

Santana tandems and wheelsets come equipped with a spare rear rescue rim that’s cleverly hidden within the front wheel. Huh? When customers call Santana with an emergency request to FedEx a rear rim we tell to relax, buy or borrow a standard single bike front wheel, and scavenge the needed rear rim from their front wheel. Using this strategy any bike shop can have them back on the road at minimal cost, and within a couple of hours. Much later, after reaching home, Santana owners can rebuild the front wheel using a new rim and their original hub. The single bike front wheel can be returned, sold on craigslist or saved as a souvenir. While our solution seems obvious, you’d be surprised how many tandems come equipped with non-matching rims or a front disc brake. A travel tandem equipped with either of these shortsighted “features” is woefully deficient by design. Think we’re exaggerating? Email us for a list of couples whose vacations or anticipated races (such as Paris Brest Paris) have been saved by our spare rescue rim.


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