The Oval Solution

Santana’s patented oval couplers alter the cost-benefit equation of travel tandems by allowing a light and efficient frame without the necessity of using a round bottom tube which is 11% less efficient. Following years of development and testing, oval couplers are now included on all Stowaway™ tandems.

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S&S Couplers

The original S&S stainless couplers, Identifiable by their long points, could be brazed into any steel frame. These heavy yet ornate couplers are still used by others.

When S&S introduced titanium couplers, Santana was the first to use them for tandems. Very light, these couplers are Tig-welded instead of brazed.

Next came S&S aluminum couplers: an exclusive product line initiated, co-designed and tested by Santana. As compared to the lightest steel travel tandems from other builders, these couplers combined with aluminum frame tubes are 4–5 pounds lighter!

The newest S&S product is also co-designed by Santana. A better solution for steel frames, these stainless steel couplers can be welded more efficiently with less heat distortion. Santana uses these light and exclusive couplers to give our CroMoly / Niobium travel tandems an unmistakable edge.

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