An indepth Look at Tandem Performance While we call this section Tandem Tech don’t expect to find too many numbers here. This section is intended to help you gain an anecdotal introduction of the “Why’s” of the bits and technology we use in our tandems; the “what’s in it for me” if you will. At Santana we use the components and technology that we believe will benefit you the rider(s) best, ensuring maximum comfort coupled with best performance. For you numbers folks the tech specs can be found on the specifications pages for our tandems.
Product: Avid Brakes

Brakes are one of the most important safety features on any bicycle and that is measured with an extra-large exclamation point on a tandem bicycle.  Because a tandem is nearly double the weight of a single bike strong binders are tantamount to safely stopping quickly in an emergency situation.

We use Avid Single Digit 7 linear pull brakes on most of our tandems. Why the Avid’s? They simply offer the best stopping power with the least amount of brake lever input from the rider; no brake boosters needed here. The Avid’s forged construction is lightweight strong and less prone to heat related meltdown than other rim mounted brakes. When it’s time for new brake pads the cartridge design makes replacing pads a snap.

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Product: Shimano Ultegra Levers

With only one exception all Santana road tandems come equipped with Shimano STI brake/shift levers and most of our tandems come standard equipped with the Ultegra model.

Why the Ultegra’s? On a modern tandem bicycle our “brake” levers serve two purposes. As part of your key safety system pairing these levers with the Avid brakes gives you peace of mind when it comes to stopping your tandem. The Ultegra’s offer a soft lever pull with a lot of force applied to the brakeing which is an especially important consideration for most riders when you are riding with your hands on the hoods, a more comfortable but compromised hand position for braking.

Secondly our “gear shift” is incorporated into those same levers.  The Ultegra’s two “paddle” design offers smooth and precise control of you bike’s gearing with a relatively light pull needed to move your chain to larger cog or chain ring. Built to very tight tolerances if you miss a shift it won’t because of your levers.

Product: Spinergy Wheels

Santana’s Tandems come with a variety of options when it comes to the hoops you ride on; Spinergy, Rolf, Shimano, Velocity are our mainstays and all are good choices depending upon your needs.  Aside from your tandem’s frame wheels are the next heaviest component on a bicycle so reducing wheel weight not only cuts precious ounces off the overall picture but also improves your bike’s handling as well as improving your ability to stop quickly in an emergency. The reason is less rotational mass. The Spinergy wheel sets highly desirable assets brought to the table are lightest weight, some trick materials, relatively low maintenance and good durability.

At the heart of a Spinergy wheel set is an aramid spoke which is lightweight, stronger than steel and offers properties that provide a smoother ride. Because of Santana’s non-dished wheel setups ( 24 spokes are all that are necessary to produce a durable and lightweight wheel. Coupling that with high quality lightweight machined alloy rims and hubs creates a very nice wheel set that not only looks sporty and futuristic but provides mile upon mile of comfortable riding and years of service.

Product: Fusion Rims

Product: Exogrid Technology

Available on these models: Team Scandium, Team Titanium & Beyond

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Product: Tamer seatposts


Product: Deore shifting


Product: Dura Ace Rings & Carbon Octalink Cranks


Product: Terry Saddles


Product:  Continental Tires


Product: Gearing


Product: Z-Couplers