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Shopping Mistakes

How to measure yourselves

To determine frame size, measure your actual inseam (crotch to floor, without shoes). To measure accurately, slide a skinny book or clipboard up along the wall between your legs as high as possible (until your heels begin to leave the floor).

After obtaining your measurements, Check them against the chart. You and your partner will probably discover that one or more of our stock sizes fits. If not, don’t fret, Santana makes custom tandems, too. The charts are in centimeters — if you don’t have a metric tape, multiply your inseam (in inches) by 2.54.

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Your First Ride.

What is Your Size?

Because captains support the stoker while starting and stopping, captains must be able to straddle a top tube with a stance wide enough to clear rotating pedals. If the sizing chart indicates compatibility with two sizes, the bar centered to your measurement is generally the best choice. However, if your leg length is not proportional to your height (and you need a longer or shorter top tube), it is smart to consider the other alternative.

Stokers quickly learn that the easiest way to climb aboard is to step on a pedal and swing a leg over (while the captain straddles and holds up the bike)—just like getting on a horse. Further, because stokers will never have to put a foot down (take-offs and landings are the responsibility of the captain), standover becomes inconsequential. This makes tandems very versatile—even cyclists under 5’ tall can fit on the back. Because our sizing chart includes clearance for the stoker’s shock-absorbing seatpost, a standard seatpost allows leg lengths to be two inches (5cm) shorter.

Because riding a tandem is different than riding a single, a properly-sized tandem should not mimic the fit of your single bikes. Further, with tandem-specific geometry and numerous micro-adjust points Santana’s standard-sized tandems fit 90% of all couples. Just measure your inseam in centimeters and consult the tables below.

Custom Geometry
If you don't think one of our standard sizes will fit your team (and we encourage you to test ride at a dealer to be sure) custom geometry is available for $1000.

As always, if you have special concerns, call us at the factory by dialing (800) 334-6136.